Holy fuck…

This has to be some of the scariest shit I’ve seen in a long time:

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Middle East:

jihad275: dood check out this website
jihad275: http://www.usagreencardlottery.org/gcl/gcllanding06.jsp
deathtoamerica768: omg
deathtoamerica768: thats the coolest thing evar
jihad275: pack up the pipe bombs
jihad275: we’re going to america
deathtoamerica768: allah akbar!


The Grand Tour

For those of you that might want a look around, but can’t make it out to see me:

EDIT: Hey, cool, I just noticed that Adrianna’s grand tour of her apartment in Japan is third on the related videos list. Small world…


Resolutions Continued

  • Exercise daily. Exercise more often. Exercise occasionally (I’m being realistic. Anything more than nothing is more than I do now)
  • Eat better (Pop-tarts and candy bars do not a balanced diet make.)
  • Lose some weight, gain some muscle (related to the first two.)
  • Get a new job (This one is a definite need, as I’ll be intelligible to be a student employee once I graduate in May.)
  • Move out of my parents house (This is also a need; If I don’t move out before May, I fully expect my parents to change the locks during the graduation ceremony)
  • Finish something I’ve started (I’ve got so many unwritten books, comics, screenplays, and video games in my head, it’s disappointing that none of them are out yet.)
  • Pay off Adrianna’s ring and my credit card (Interest rates are a killer.)
  • Improve organizational skills (My room looks like a flea market threw up in here)

One down. Add to list: “Don’t go broke paying for rent, utilities, and food”


Candidate match game

Having trouble picking a candidate to support in the upcoming presidential election? You might want to try the USA Today candidate match game. Kinda old but still applicable.Here’s my results:

I figured Ron Paul for first, but I’d me more than happy to vote for someone who was in Die Hard 2.

Now if it was Bruce Willis was running, Ron might have to settle for second…


Holy crap! UF doing something to help me? OMG!

I found this memo floating around today:


TO: Faculty/Staff
FROM: Patti Beck
DATE: January 3, 2008
SUBJECT: State of Ohio Minimum Wage Increase

The State of Ohio minimum wage increased to $7.00 per hour effective January 1, 2008. Therefore, any student currently working below this rate will receive the new rate for hours worked beginning January 1, 2008. This new rate will first be reflected in paychecks issued January 30.

Longevity Increases

Longevity increases will continue as in the past with $.25 per hour increases earned after the completion of two, four, and six consecutive semesters in the same position. Supervisors are to complete the Change of Status form for students due increases.

So after I go talk with and remind my boss, I should be getting $7.75/hour now. Yay! I’m not as bad off as I thought I was!

In other news, I found out that I may soon be able to complete one of my more important new years resolutions. More to come once details are confirmed…


The Wages of Sin is $7.00 per hour.

Guess what? Minimum wage for Ohio went up to $7.00 an hour at the beginning of the year.

Guess what else? I didn’t get a raise, so that puts me back down to minimum wage. Again.