When asked about my career goals, I always say “If I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wouldn’t have been an art major.” So for some guidance, I tried a few online career aptitude tests, most of which gave me the same results I expected, but the best result was from this one:

Drew Carey Career Aptitude Test on tbs.com   Human Resources

Your personality: You will speak your mind when you have to, but you are really more of a follower. You always try to make everyone happy, which usually leads to your own unhappiness. You have goals, but don’t have the killer instinct needed to reach them. You will always work for someone else, but at least you can pretend you have power by doing the hiring and firing.

It’s sad that it’s probably the most accurate test I’ve taken…



Looks like I’m dead. The blame for this one goes to Victor Juliet (AKA Matthew Auslander). He’s destined to go down as the Ed Wood of the 21st century.