Resolutions ’09

Fist update since… September? Lazy, lazy, lazy. Anywho, resolutions. First, let’s review last year’s progress:

  • Exercise daily. Exercise more often. Exercise occasionally (I’m being realistic. Anything more than nothing is more than I do now)
    • Still Lazy
  • Eat better (Pop-tarts and candy bars do not a balanced diet make.)
    • Sort of done. I’m no longer eating pop tarts after the ant infestation incident (don’t ask), and now that Adrianna’s back from Japan, I’ve been eating homecooked meals regularly.
  • Lose some weight, gain some muscle (related to the first two.)
    • Still lazy, and heavy homecooking isn’t particularly known for being diet food.
  • Get a new job (This one is a definite need, as I’ll be intelligible to be a student employee once I graduate in May.)
    • Done now. I have a CDL-A in hand and will be out driving by the end of the month.
  • Move out of my parents house (This is also a need; If I don’t move out before May, I fully expect my parents to change the locks during the graduation ceremony)
    • Done in January. Keeping my rent paid is the big issue now.
  • Finish something I’ve started (I’ve got so many unwritten books, comics, screenplays, and video games in my head, it’s disappointing that none of them are out yet.)
    • Again, still lazy. But making progress.
  • Pay off Adrianna’s ring and my credit card (Interest rates are a killer.)
    • Partly done in November. Still near my limit on the card.
  • Improve organizational skills (My room looks like a flea market threw up in here)
    • Kinda… My side of the bedroom is still quite a bit less organized than it should be, but Adrianna’s presence has increased the overall cleanliness of the apartment by at least 70%.

In total… 3.5/8. Hmm… 44% is Still not passing by any standards, but it’s actually better progress than I expected.

Now then, 2009′s New Years resolutions:

  • Stabilize my financial situation.  (Bills and people need paid off… Rent and utilities still need paid… And it’d be nice to have some savings. The new job will definitely help here.)
  • Get a car (Related to above. Had to sell the old one to pay the rent.)
  • Forget the exercise and weight loss specifically, aim this year for general better health. (Again, my new job should help. Health insurance and all.)
  • FINISH SOMETHING I’VE STARTED. Additionally, as an extended resolution, get something that I finish published within three years.

I think that’s enough for now. Better chance of success with fewer goals… I was thinking of adding “find inner peace” but I’d like to keep my goals obtainable.