I’m not dead

…but you wouldn’t know it by looking. No worries, though; I’ve just been outside of free wifi range for a few weeks.

Anywho, the new job. Remember when I said “mission cleared?” Remember how I said I was waiting for something horrible to happen?

I hate always being right.

First week: Meh, ok… As stressful as any new job I guess. One of four designers in the department, including another new hire who started a week before me. Trying to learn the system, etc…

Second week: The Perfect Shitstorm. The senior designer and the second in command don’t show up Monday morning. Newbie 2 and I are a bit concerned, but thinking maybe they’re just hungover or something. A few hours in, Senior designer shows up, walks past us to the boss, chats with him for a while, then comes out and tells us he’s quitting and going freelance. Before leaving, he also tells us the second in command has left to live a nomadic life in South Dakota. At that point, the entire design department had a combined 3 weeks of experience with the company.


Since then we’ve been treading water, trying not to drown in the never ending pile of tasks neither of us really know how to do, trying to communicate with unresponsive licensors, trying decipher the broken English of foreign vendors, and overall trying to clean up the mess left behind when the upper half of the design department disappeared.

Third Week: The pieces of this mess are stating to fit back together, but the more I see, the more I expect an even worse shitstorm when the company gets sued. I don’t know who might be reading this, so I won’t go into it, but I know it’ll happen eventually.

Taking this last item into consideration, I will reopen the case files of Operation Eternal Puma, and work on completing their original objectives. I may need to keep a resume handy…

I’m also exploring another option. Professional writing. If you’re not daunted by a little TL;DR, go check out the first couple parts of “The Gardner File: The True Story of the North Pointe Incident” I’ve posted on my deviantart. Critique is welcome.