Resolutions 2010

TIME FOR MY ANNUAL BLOG POST! (Because I really only post regularly once a year…)

First We review last year’s resolutions and check my progress:

  • Stabilize my financial situation. (Bills and people need paid off… Rent and utilities still need paid… And it’d be nice to have some savings. The new job will definitely help here.)
    • IN PROGRESS. – 2009 saw the a wide variety of jobs. At the beginning of the year, I was just about to start driving semi trucks for a living. However, once I found out how horribly that job sucked, I went back to housekeeping, this time as a full time employee and not a student. That job sucked, but I was good at it, and the coworkers liked me. I thought I had my big break in June when I got called out of the blue to work at a real bona-fide graphic design job. I only found out later that the reason I was called by the company’s lead designer was so he could quit because of how horrible the company was to work for. I felt good about leaving the company twisting in the wind when the other designer and I both quit, but that left me unemployed for nearly four months until I found my awesome new job at U.S. Graphics. Small company, friendly boss, fun work screen printing, embroidering, framing, etc… I think I’m finally on the right track in my career after so many false starts. I still have a lot of debts to pay now, including student loans, truck driving school fees, credit cards, and several personal loans to family, but at least now I can start paying people back.
  • Get a car (Related to above. Had to sell the old one to pay the rent.)
    • DONE! – For my new job, I needed a vehicle, so my parents and grandmother pitched in and helped me get my new 1990 GMC S15 pickup. It was a usable $1300 truck that after a few repairs has become a pretty decent $3000 truck.
  • Forget the exercise and weight loss specifically, aim this year for general better health. (Again, my new job should help. Health insurance and all.)
    • SORTA IN PROGRESS – I had been using the Wii Fit, but I’ve slacked off on that lately. Not to mention the horrible things I’ve done to myself thanks to the holiday diet…
  • FINISH SOMETHING I’VE STARTED. Additionally, as an extended resolution, get something that I finish published within three years.
    • UM… NOT REALLY… – Yeah, that’s the one I always have trouble with.

Hmmm… Maybe 1.5/4… 38%? Man, I suck.

Anywho, 2010 RESOLUTIONS!

  • GET A NEW APARTMENT – This one’s important because I can’t commute 3 hours each way every day, and my uncle doesn’t want me staying at his house forever. This will be done by the end of January.
  • KEEP MY JOB – I had a bad habit of losing jobs this last year. I like my new job. I want to keep it.
  • PAY BACK SOME DEBT – Shouldn’t be a problem if I keep that last resolution.
  • BE HEALTHIER – Get back on the Wii Fit, and stop eating so much fast food. Etc., etc…
  • FINISH SOMETHING – Every year I say this. This year I mean it. Adrianna will be back in Japan, so I won’t be able to use her feminine distractions as an excuse for not getting anything done. I will have issue 1 of Department 13 done this summer.
  • KEEP UP WITH UPDATES ON HEROES INC. – It’s been a few weeks now without a real comic. I say I’m in a creative slump, but I’m also lazy.
  • GET A NEW COMPUTER – This will help a lot with those last two resolutions. Lappy 2 is starting to show her age, especially with Photoshop and 3DS.
  • BLOG MORE – I want to say a weekly blog schedule would be good, but I won’t push myself.

Any other suggestions? I’ll be glad to hear them.