The Plan (Again)

Ok, I think it’s quickly becoming apparent that even after 6 months, I still have almost no idea what I’m doing here, and putting me in charge of the place for any more than a few days at a time would likely put USG out of business.

So here’s the new plan:

  1. Keep current job for as long as possible, then get a new job when I am inevitably fired for incompetence.
  2. Meanwhile, work on writing my novel. So far, my literary work is my only work that both myself and others can agree has any merit.
  3. Finish my novel.
  4. Sell my novel.
  5. Become the next J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer (sans vagina), and make a shit-ton of cash.
  6. Quit current job, work full time as author, write some more books, sign books, do TV appearances etc…
  7. Sell rights to books for movies, make even more cash.
  8. Open comic/gaming shop, hire manager to do the business stuff, and spend all my free time hanging out there.

So far the novel is at about 10-20% complete. Better get on that…