The Alliance of Independent American States

I’ve been paying only the most minimal amount of attention to the upcoming presidential election (I usually don’t bother until the general election heats up), but I think it’s fairly obvious that our country is sharply divided politically. I think it’s also becoming fairly obvious that political policies aimed at New York City aren’t always well suited to Cheyenne, Wyoming. That is why I propose the United States be broken up into several smaller nations whose governments are better suited to the political leanings of each region. The former United States would be renamed “The Alliance of Independent American States”, and would consist of nine separate countries, each having independent militaries, economies, and governments, though as an alliance, they would occasionally assist each other for mutual benefit. One of the key provisions in the articles of alliance would be that citizens of any nation are free to come and go as they wish in the other nations, and can freely immigrate to any of the other nations without the same scrutiny applied to a foreign immigrant. Therefore, if you don’t like the strongly conservative leanings of Texas, you’re free to move to New York.

Here’s the breakdown:

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