Resolutions 2011

TIME FOR MY ANNUAL BLOG POST! (Because I really only post regularly once a year…)

First We review last year’s resolutions and check my progress:

  • GET A NEW APARTMENT – This one’s important because I can’t commute 3 hours each way every day, and my uncle doesn’t want me staying at his house forever. This will be done by the end of January.
    • Done. And, as luck would have it, irrelevant. Explained below.
  • KEEP MY JOB – I had a bad habit of losing jobs this last year. I like my new job. I want to keep it.
    • So far, so good.
  • PAY BACK SOME DEBT – Shouldn’t be a problem if I keep that last resolution.
    • Heh heh… Nobody has busted down my door to break my kneecaps yet, so… In progress?
  • BE HEALTHIER – Get back on the Wii Fit, and stop eating so much fast food. Etc., etc…
    • *Crickets*
  • FINISH SOMETHING – Every year I say this. This year I mean it. Adrianna will be back in Japan, so I won’t be able to use her feminine distractions as an excuse for not getting anything done. I will have issue 1 of Department 13 done this summer.
    • Well, Adrianna being gone hasn’t been a big issue (at least, not relating to my time management), but again, in progress…
  • KEEP UP WITH UPDATES ON HEROES INC. – It’s been a few weeks now without a real comic. I say I’m in a creative slump, but I’m also lazy.
    • Not bad. Better than last year at any rate, as I’ve been posting at least once a week for the last few months.
  • GET A NEW COMPUTER – This will help a lot with those last two resolutions. Lappy 2 is starting to show her age, especially with Photoshop and 3DS.
    • That’s been financially infeasible this year. Outlook is better for next year.
  • BLOG MORE – I want to say a weekly blog schedule would be good, but I won’t push myself.
    • I only had to go back one page to copy the text of last year’s resolutions. You be the judge.

Success rate 4-ish/8 = 50%. Failure. However, the important half was what I succeeded in, so a weighted score would say not too bad.

Onward and upward! 2011 resolutions! (Mostly the same as 2010)

  • BUY A HOUSE – This is why #1 from last year is irrelevant. I’ve got one I’ve made an offer on (which was accepted), and secured financing for. As long as the inspections and legal stuff goes well, I should be moving by the middle of January. This one is already 95% done.
  • ADVANCE IN MY JOB – I’ve been taking on more responsibilities at the shop, and hope to be running the place by this time next year. I have to get a bit more involved in the business aspects of the business, but as far as the day to day operations go, I’m already there.
  • PAY BACK SOME DEBT – While buying a house will add to my overall debt, it’s actually a money saving move. I’m getting a great deal on the house and will actually be paying less every month in principal, interest, escrow, and utilities than I am as a renter. I should be able to use some of this extra free cash to pay down other bills.
  • BE HEALTHIER – Yeah… We’ll see show this goes…
  • FINISH SOMETHING – Hopefully, I won’t be too busy renovating my new house to keep up with this. D13, Gratitude, The Gardner File, Degrees of Freedom… All on the plate, all need work.
  • KEEP UP WITH UPDATES ON HEROES INC. – Been doing well for a while, but you never know when I might catch a bad case of the lazies.
  • GET SOME MORE RECOGNITION FOR HEROES INC. – Everyone knows about 8-Bit Theater and Bob and George, and both of those comics aren’t even being made anymore. I want to get my comic at least as well known as some of the better dead comics. I will need to budget for advertising.
  • GET A NEW COMPUTER – Same reasons as before, Lappy 2 was showing her age a year ago, and is now about on her last leg. This is a definite necessity at this point.
  • BLOG MORE – As before, I’m lazy.
  • MAKE MORE ART – Last year was a slow year for my photography and digital art. I need to work on that.
  • GET SOME MORE RECOGNITION FOR/SELL SOME OF MY ART – I’ve had some compliments on my photos, and I wanted to try to get some prints in some of the local galleries.
  • KEEP MY GIRLFRIEND – This time around, I’m serious.

 I think my life is on the right track now, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Things I should add? Which things I should focus on? Leave a comment.

One Response to “Resolutions 2011”

  • V says:

    IT’S NOT THAT TIME YET! I don’t need my make my goals until next week so stop doing them early and making me panic!!!

    Your list looks remarkably like your list for every year…