Bored at work, so here are some thoughts on the subject.

  • They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, right? Theoretically, the same should be true for terrorists. If the organizations behind terror attacks are at all intelligent, they’ll never attack an airplane again, meaning the amount of security going into air travel is overkill. Granted, secure air travel is important, but focusing all our attention in one area leaves us vulnerable to attack in others.
  • Terrorists don’t think like military people. As much as a tactical strike on a military installation would be nice, mass casualties are more important. If you want to effectively combat terror, you need equal security at both shopping malls and army bases.
  • If I were a terrorist leader, here’s what I’d do.
  1. Recruit about 50 suicide bombers and 10 or so good snipers.
  2. Bring recruits into U.S. by way of Mexican human trafficking routes
  3. Send suicide bombers to randomly chosen public locations throughout U.S., including, but not limited to, shopping malls, post offices, public parks, amusement parks, elementary schools, Wal-Marts, grocery stores, nursing homes, day care centers, and anywhere else where large numbers of people congregate. These locations should be in large and small cities, urban and rural settings, chosen completely at random with no pattern discern.
  4. In the 10 largest cities targeted,  station snipers within firing distance of the suicide bomber targets.
  5. Have all the suicide bombers launch their attacks simultaneously.
  6. Within an 30 minutes of the initial attacks, have the snipers start taking out the gathering crowds. First responders, medics, police, news reporters, rubberneckers, all indiscriminately targeted.
  7. When the snipers are eventually pinned down and captured, they too will detonate their own suicide bomber vests.

The goal of terrorists is not to win military victories, but to incite terror. In this scenario, actual death toll numbers are not as important as locations where deaths occur. The fact that the terrorists would be able and willing to strike anywhere would incite much more terror than flying a few planes into a buildings ever could.

  • However, in my opinion, I don’t think the terrorists have the balls to do this, so I’m not worried in the slightest.

One Response to “Terrorism”

  • V says:

    “Terrorists don’t think like military people.” Actually, most terrorists are military-trained. Which is WHY they go for mass casualties. True military knows that war is not a matter of “im in ur base killin ur d00ds” but an attack on where it hurts most – the innocents. Which is why I agree that there should be more security on public transit, malls, etc. and less fanatical security on air travel. Although it is still being attacked as the bombs getting onto the supply planes recently show, airport security has gotten ridiculous.