2012: A Year Of Change – Week 2: Health

2 Responses to “2012: A Year Of Change – Week 2: Health”

  • Reaga says:

    You’re quite an oddity. Normally I’m apathetic to the point where I wouldn’t have watched your first vid since it wasn’t a comic. However you actually managed to get me wondering when the second would be posted.

    That being said, I think it might be wise to include a copy of each video on each of your sites. I was waiting on this one to show up on Hero’s Inc and almost thought you’d forgot to make one. Not only will this keep fans who don’t read your blog up to date, but it will get you back in the habit of updating your pages (which I believe was one of your goals).

    Best of luck to you dude.

  • V says:

    In February, people have stopped working toward their resolution but still have hope they’ll pick them back up. Keep an eye out through Feb. and if one pops up in your budget, buy it, but keep in mind that the bigger deals will probably happen in March when people start giving up hope.

    I have a cold too! The kind that makes me sleep a lot. So I haven’t done any coding on your new layout yet, sorry! But I’m planning to start that today since I just woke up from a nap and don’t feel like I’ll need another one today.

    I’m really glad you’re cutting out the Mountain Dew. That shit has a lot to do with your poor health and weight gain. Be careful of the fruit drinks, though! They can have just as much sugar in them, especially if you buy the brands aimed at kids (which is really sad). Your best bet is to drink more water and herbal tea without sugar or just a little bit of honey if you need it. If water is too “boring” for you, try sparkling water and/or infusing it with fruit first (my favorite is cucumber). Hmm…that sounds like it should be my next blog post.

    Feel better and keep at it!