2012: A Year Of Change – Weeks 8-10

Sorry for not posting the last 2 weeks; 8 was kind of a non-video so I didn’t really bother, and 9 was kinda long so I left it to upload overnight and forgot to post it here the next day. Oh well, whatever. Here’s what you missed:

Week 8: World Building – Part 3

Week 9: Happy Little Easel

Week 10: Cleaning for Company

One Response to “2012: A Year Of Change – Weeks 8-10”

  • Valerie says:

    Yay! I was wondering why you hadn’t updated here. I like that you built an easel, that’s most definitely more skill than I’d ever have but you knew that.

    It looks like you haven’t been working much on the weight loss though? You’re looking a bit like Mario, only more facial hair and less Italy.

    This is me nagging you as per your request.